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Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP)

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The Student Technology Leadership Program (STLPTM) is a project-based learning program that empowers students in all grade levels to use technology to learn and achieve. It was established in 1994 by the STLP State Advisory Council, which is composed of teachers, students and community leaders.

Student-designed projects, products and services are created to help the school and community.

The program is open to ALL students in all grade levels in every school (P-16) in Kentucky.

2009-2010 STLP Team

Web Page Design:  Cassidy Longoria

Show Case:   Robin Farrell, Hannah Fackler, Karissa Hardesty and Emma Wilson

PRESENTATION:  Caroline Smith and Hannah King

Quick Recall:  Katie Wilson and Alexandria Pike-Goff

Bench:  Michael Embry and Craig Lindsey

Flight Simulation:  Shane Edmondson

Gaming: Aaron Ray and Colin Holsclaw

Minds On: Emma King and Jake Beavin

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